Guest Post: Skincare on Lockdown by Sabrina Axelrod

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Stuck inside, not being able to talk to people might sound like a dream to some (me)…but a nightmare to others. Although, there is a ton to be scared and worried about right now, there is also a lot to be happy and thankful for, too.

One major plus side of this lockdown is being able to let your skin breathe! I know you are a getting up, working out, taking care of the babies, working all day, cooking dinner at night bad bitch with a ton on her plate. You do all the above while picking out the perfect outfit, accessories, and makeup so you don’t look like an ugly tired troll in front of other human beings. BUT what if for a whole month you didn’t have to see anyone?! What if for a whole month you went makeup free and just focused on skin care? What a mega-babe you’d be post-quarantine!

Now I’m definitely not a makeup/skincare expert, but I’ve had my time making and playing with both. And the biggest secret to flawless skin is…1. LETTING IT BREATHE. No makeup sista. Embrace your inner beauty. Give it a break from all the concealer and foundation. Instead, use your extra time inside to up your skin care game with a little help from the Orgotton team. Not only is their skin care organic and vegan, it’s also chic and affordable!

See below for the rest of my best tips and tricks for skincare on lockdown:

  1. ROUTINE Okay true confession time—I am a routine junkie. I love scheduling, planning, and organizing. I know that’s a little insane but hear me out. Use your extra time for you! Schedule your skin care in advance. Used to have your me-time once a week? Up it to twice a week. Maybe even three times! Once you have that down, make a list of all the items you’ll need to fully clean your skin. Here’s my bible for your skin care routine courtesy of Dermstore:

  2. FACE MASK HEAVEN Now that you have your routine and skin care order set, what else can you do? My go-to favorite for clean skin is to use a face mask! Face masks exfoliate and moisturize your skin from all the damage you’ve been putting it through out there in the world. Maybe this lockdown was just the reset you’ve be waiting for! Orgotton’s Klean Skin Face Mask is Organic, Vegan, and charged with Reiki-Crystals! Hit the link for the best facemask in the game:

  3. SLEEP. Sleep your heart out girl. Bags under your eyes? Sleep. Annoyed at your hubby. Pretend to sleep. Supposed to be working? Sorry I’m sleeping. Sleeping solves it all! In all seriousness my biggest issue when it comes to my skin is my dark under-eye circles. Trust me, I’ve tried it all. But nothing quite works as well for your skin as a good night’s sleep will. So ignore all your responsibilities and hop into bed.

  4. GO ORGANIC. Organic skin care (much like organic food) is better for your overall health then just your regular ole non-organic formulas. Organic skin care formulas often meet the same requirements as your organic food does. Not to mention it’s also better for the environment. I know in times like these organic is not always the most affordable option, but Orgotton offers skin care that is organic and vegan at an affordable price!

Share your other Skincare on Lockdown ideas with me below!

Xoxo, Sabrina

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