New Age Nova

Want a little background on me? 
I'm Kristy, co-founder of Orgotton, and a self proclaimed New Age Nova. What is that you ask? Here's an excerpt from a blog post I did in 2015 to explain:

What is a New Age Nova?

New Age – adj. a broad-ranging consciousness-raising movement

Nova – a cataclysmic nuclear explosion, which causes a sudden brightening of the star

We are the baddest, brightest, hell-raising change-makers that have glitter running through our veins.
Free spirited, wanderlust-loving trailblazers that are on a constant mission to better ourselves and our planet.
Fun and inspirational sprinkled with glitz and glam.

We are the ones who will make a difference.
Shine Bright, Nova's

Kristy Carabello