About Us

The Vision
Orgotton began in 2009 when sisters, Kristy & Stef, decided there was a need for clothing that was both stylish and good for the environment. The company started in their parent's basement and has grown from casual t-shirts and tank tops to a 12 piece collection with a focus on multi-function.

Infinity Collection
Orgotton’s Infinity Collection consists of a long dress, short dress, romper, and bodysuit. These pieces all have long straps that can be wrapped an infinite amount of ways to obtain multiple looks from one piece of clothing. This allows women to buy less without sacrificing style.

Ethical practices, organic fabrics, and local production are at the heart of Orgotton's mission. We focus on local production in Philadelphia that allows us to support local cut and sew manufacturers. We also make sure to use the best quality eco-friendly fabrics for all of our clothing. We use a blend of Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Spandex that is Made in the USA.  We want to go back to a time where clothing was made to last and transcend time. The handcrafted and local part of the process is so important; not only for the quality, but also for the support we are giving to the local economy here in Philadelphia.

Seeded Hangtags 
In an effort to lessen our environmental footprint, all of Orgotton’s hangtags are made from seeded paper so when you plant them wildflowers grow!

Orgotton Gives (Launching Soon!)
Orgotton Gives is our way of giving back. For every garment we sell we will use the leftover material (which manufacturers usually discard) to make fun, colorful headbands for children in hospitals to brighten their day.